Zangoole, The Phonebased Storytelling Service


Zangoole was our team's first entrepreneurial project in Aryamanyar Company which became a very popular telephone service among Iraniann children and parents between 2008 and 2011. It was a storytelling PRM service through which an IVR software provided children with audio music and stories automatically. Zangoole was the first value added service in the telecommunication industry in Iran. Besides, The project was very prosperous and money making.

All the casts were professional, among which the storyteller was Maryam Nashiba who has been a popular radio storyteller in Iran. Also, the stories were directed by Neda Hengami and Shahla Neysari in the form of shortm radio dramas with educational objectives for little children. More than 10 actors and actresses collaborated with us to produce the audio stories. Moreover, The IVR system had 300 audio stories to make children engaged as a new digital media in that period. In the second phase of the project, the idea of gamebooks or CYOA was used in the plots in which narratives branched along three or four paths.

In addition, the advertising printed materials and TV commercials were very attractive and famous among children and parents. The illustrator was Sahar Haghgou, a professional Iranian illustrator of elementary school books.

The project was remarkably successful and was widely used by children and parents with up to 30000 calls a day. We implemented Dialogic Cards, the cost-effective technology solution to develop a VoIP system in 2008. We could monitor concurrent callers' status simultaneously with the IVR software as shown in the following schematic.


The storytelling service is not available now on the telecommunication networks, but you can listen to some of the stories here.

Story No.1

Story No.2

Story No.3

Story No.4

Story No.5