ILP, The Interactive Live Streaming Service

With a great team of software engineers, I jointly built up and developed the Interactive Live Streaming Software Platform in Aryaman Media Institute. And, as an output, we produced a trivia live show for an Iranian firm called Beauty Code and its customer loyalty program.

Following were the most important specifics of the application:


live streaming with less than 7 seconds latency


The possibility of Interaction with users through multiple choice questions, trivia, etc.


Supporting 1 billion concurrent users


Supporting all video streaming protocols

We collaborated with Shatel ICT Group, the Iranian telecommunication operator, to establish a VPN connection and a dedicated needed bandwidth. In addition, we had a colocation contract with the company to host our servers. Also, as the second output of the software platform, we produced another trivia show named Winny.

Thanks to the creative team members including Matin Jahantark (Technical manager) , Esmaeel Gohari (Art Director and designer), Ania Khalighi (Show host) and Mani Pourmoghaddam (Show host).